RZ#104 – Celebration of Light; Podcast News; Metroblogging Vancouver; Feedback; Ubercaster

Tackling the podcast again after the last few mobile episodes, we’re back in the studio in this much more relaxed edition. Lots of news about what’s been happening with the podcast, and you can see some of that in the links here in the show notes. I also take a moment to mention feedback that seemed to have been accumulating, but I feel like I missed some of your comments. This is also my maiden voyage of using Ubercaster to do a podcast. Please give me feedback about how it turned out, especially the quality. The program is in beta testing, so your feedback will go to the guy’s making the program in order to make it better.

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RZ#103 – Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup

The podcast digs deeper into the make up of this city as I go mobile to the Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup in Stanley Park on July 18, 2006. Typically a monthly event, fellow bloggers for the local edition of the site gather up to hang out face to face in order to know thy fellow contributers. Rebecca joined the group of authors earlier this month. As her guest, I brought along the recording equipment to kind of document the occasion, but more so to meet more people that call Vancouver home and like to blog about it as much as we do.

This is a long episode, but there was a lot of interesting stories and comments that I just didn’t feel like editing out. Only one piece of music featured in this one, but I used a variety of music from Vate, Troubled Hubble, Sebadoh, and John Vanderslice to bridge between some of the segments. This is the first time I have done anything like this, and I had a lot of fun. Feedback is more than welcome!

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RZ#102 – Soundseeing at the Very Berry Fair in Fort Langley, B.C.

The 5th annual Very Berry Fair drew Rebecca and I out to Fort Langley along with her mother, niece, and nephew over the weekend. The event happen on the grounds of The Fort Wine Co. where there was plenty to do for the kids and lots of arts and crafts for sale. I took along the minidisc with the stereo lapel mic and give you some sounds of the event as well as some commentary about what you are hearing.

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RZ#101 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: July 2006

An all artist submission episode of the Six Song Donut Spectactular! People often email me with suggestions and submissions for songs to be played on the podcast, so this episode makes up for lost ground.

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Subtle feed adjustments

I recently discontinued two feeds to RadioZoom. Up until a couple days ago, there were three feeds. If you are coming to the website after getting the last download to ever be sent down those feeds, then the message, that those are now dead, worked.

The feed for the podcast is:

I realize that this has the potential for hurting the number of listeners and subscribers to the podcast, but having three feeds was too much work. In fact, the two that are now discontinued were the original feeds that started with the first days of the podcast. In an effort to stream line my podcasting efforts, I’m taking the podcast down to one feed. Continue reading “Subtle feed adjustments”

RZ#100 – The One Hundred Mark; RZ History; Beach Times

A long episode to mark this milestone, Rebecca and I talk about the history of this podcast, thoughts on the medium in general, and hang out without any plan in mind. Every method of recording that I have the capability for was used in this episode. We start out at in English Bay, head back home to the “studio”, and toss in a recording we did while sunning ourselves on the beach during Canada Day weekend.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has had played a role in the history of this podcast, from the beginning to now. You know who you are, and I will refrain from listing everyone out in the fear of omitting some one. It’s been fun, and I’ll keep on keeping on with the podcast.

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