RZ#148 – Hanson at the Commodore in Vancouver

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Trying my hand at podcast producing yet again, we go mobile for this special episode. Yesterday Keira and I met up with Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson before their show in Vancouver. We learned about The Walk, what they’ve been up to in the 8 years they’ve been away from our city, and most of all that these grown men truly do have talent and a whole lot of heart.

Music in this episode:

  • Clip: MMMBop from the album Middle of Nowhere by Hanson
  • Clip: Great Divide by Hanson – Available for $0.99 on iTunes, proceeds going to HIV/AIDS research

Links to note:

My official article has been posted on E!Online. You can also check out Keira’s wrap up blog post, including her photos, as along with my recap blog post. Big shout out to Dave as well for lending me his M-Audio since our mobile gear has gone missing.


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  1. Thanks for that interview 🙂 By the way I’m always on Hanson.Net its like my second home. LoL!!!! The interview was great!!!!!!!! I’m going to see Hanson on Nov 4th in Chicago @ the House Of Bluse!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!! And this will be my first Walk 🙂

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