RZ#138 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: August 2007

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I, Rebecca, join John for this late, but ‘better-late-than-never’, episode of RadioZoom as we dedicate #138 to entirely Can-Con.

What’s Can-Con you ask? Well tune right in while we educate the masses about how broadcasters in Canada are required by law to give Canadian artists and Canadian produced music 35% of their airplay. We one-up these regulations and churn out 100% Canadian content and share six awesome tracks.

Thanks so much to Matthew Good for allowing us to kick off with tunes from his newly-released album, and to the other artists linked below whose music we found on IODA Promonet and the Podsafe Music Network.


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One Reply to “RZ#138 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: August 2007”

  1. What’s interesting about Can-Con is not how it grants increased exposure to domestic artists but requires that radio stations play music by bands Canadians can go see. The Mountain Goats made the comment that they always had to carefully weigh whether or not to go to Canada since they’d have to either apply for a work visa and hope they sold enough merch to cover the cost or do their best to hide all the t-shirts, CDs and instruments under a blanket and hope customs didn’t catch on. And then of course clear enough merch to cover the costs of actually driving all over Canada from venue to far distant venue (the same reason there aren’t tons and tons of shows down south despite the size of many Southern capital cities). So Can-Con forces radio stations to be part of the broader musical promotion circuit-radio play to promote the album and the tour.
    Oddly enough, one of the hosts (now program director) at the radio station I worked at in Pittsburgh said he didn’t like playing local music because local bands were so mercurial-you didn’t know if they were going to exist in a week. He wanted to play music that people could go see live. That didn’t really jibe with him playing Johnny Cash or the Dead or even big artists that aren’t dead-Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan-but that was his argument for avoiding the local sound.
    And whatever. I’m in Houston now so I have to pick up the new local sound. I think it might be on one of these bootleg CD-rs for sale at every gas station around my home.
    Great show, by the way, but why no mention of the Rev. DD of late? Have you forgotten everyone south of the border? You make me cry. Imagine a picture of a sad kitty here with a clever caption: [kitteh pitcha]

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