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Everything you need to know about getting the latest episodes of the podcast can be found on this page. There are multiple ways to listen, and you don’t need an ipod to listen to podcasts.

  • Subscribe to the XML feed
    RSS feeds are the staple to podcasting technology. Here is the feed to put into your program of your choosing for downloading podcasts. In your aggregator or podcatching software, right-click to copy the link from the button and paste the URL into the area where you subscribe to new podcasts. The RSS feed for this podcast can be found at the following URL:
  • iTunes: Add this podcast directly to list of your subscribed podcasts. If you don’t have iTunes
  • Odeo is an online service that allows you to subscribe to podcasts on their website, as well as listen to them online via their service. No downloading onto your computer what so ever. Their service is free to sign up for. More information on their website at
  • Subscribe with Podnova
    Podnova is a podcast listening website that allows you to maintain all of those podcasts you want to be subscribed to on the account you can sign up free for. This saves space on your hard drive so you don’t have to download any podcasts to your computer or mp3 player. You can listen to your podcasts from any, online connection. More information at their website,

Learn More About Podcasting

This is a new technology that isn’t easy for some people to understand from the start. Take your time to learn more about what everyone is talking about.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to contact me if you still need help. Listening to podcasts can be a great experience. There’s a lot out there to discover.