RZ#101 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: July 2006

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An all artist submission episode of the Six Song Donut Spectactular! People often email me with suggestions and submissions for songs to be played on the podcast, so this episode makes up for lost ground.

41:46 minutes


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One Reply to “RZ#101 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: July 2006”

  1. I like it when there’s music.
    Still catching up. Check out Time Again’s “Cold Concrete.” It’s on podshow (thus podsafe) and it’s also on epitaph.com’s page for Give ‘Em the Boot V-the album where I first heard it. I listened to it nearly non-stop for a week.
    And just to pad out this comment some more-NOFX’s “The Idiots Are Taking Over,” Ikara Colt “Sink Venice” and Sage Francis “Makeshift Patriot” are some great tracks off Punk-O-Rama 8, though only NOFX is on podsafe (the other’s are available here: http://www.epitaph.com/artists/album/317 ).
    Honestly though, what happened to PodShow? I used to be able to search by label or city. Now that’s gone. That was useful, especially since I suck at spelling. And because I wanted to link to some good Pittsburgh bands on Enamel Records.
    Anyway, now I’m going to get some coke and milk and do some writing. You probably won’t notice this message for months.

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