Subtle feed adjustments

I recently discontinued two feeds to RadioZoom. Up until a couple days ago, there were three feeds. If you are coming to the website after getting the last download to ever be sent down those feeds, then the message, that those are now dead, worked.

The feed for the podcast is:

I realize that this has the potential for hurting the number of listeners and subscribers to the podcast, but having three feeds was too much work. In fact, the two that are now discontinued were the original feeds that started with the first days of the podcast. In an effort to stream line my podcasting efforts, I’m taking the podcast down to one feed.

Not that is was too much work, but the manual process of copying and pasting updates to those feeds was getting annoying. At the same time, if you were subscribed to those feeds, you weren’t always getting the most recent updates. Sometimes I would forget that last, manual step, and you wouldn’t get the new episode until later when I actually got around to that little, yet pain in the neck process.

Why even do those manual updates in the first place? When I made changes in the past to the feed URL, I was scared about leaving people out. Call it being anal, but I wanted to keep the numbers going. Redirects don’t work for everything, and they were implemented for some time now. At the same time, I kept them updated to be sure that those not getting redirected were getting the new episodes.

Does that sound silly to you? You bet. That’s the reason I’ve made the change. Grab that feed up above and get yourself subscribed. This way when I publish the latest stuff to this blog, you get it on whatever program you use to check out podcasts, just minutes, even seconds, after it’s out.