RZ#100 – The One Hundred Mark; RZ History; Beach Times

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A long episode to mark this milestone, Rebecca and I talk about the history of this podcast, thoughts on the medium in general, and hang out without any plan in mind. Every method of recording that I have the capability for was used in this episode. We start out at in English Bay, head back home to the “studio”, and toss in a recording we did while sunning ourselves on the beach during Canada Day weekend.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has had played a role in the history of this podcast, from the beginning to now. You know who you are, and I will refrain from listing everyone out in the fear of omitting some one. It’s been fun, and I’ll keep on keeping on with the podcast.

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5 Replies to “RZ#100 – The One Hundred Mark; RZ History; Beach Times”

  1. Big congrats on a huge year of podcasting and moving to/settling in Vancouver (plus all that getting married stuff).

    I am a pleased listener of most all RZ episodes and pleased to have played a tiny part in your program and (more importantly) your hockey and Canadian political education.

    Looking forward to the next hundred! I be listening on the Seabus.

  2. Hi John,

    Congratulation on 100 shows mate, well done, keep it up.
    You’re my very Vancouver tour guide and DJ. 🙂

    All the best,


  3. A couple comments from show 100 which i finished on this morning rainy commute:

    1) Vancouver trivia is awesome! Bonus points: what were the first two concerts at BC Place in the summer of 1983? Extra points if you can name all three acts at the 2nd show.

    2) When does Rebecca get her own show?

    3) Dave Dederer (of Pres of USA) is not involved with IODA (though he is a very nice guy) … I know this cause i was at Gnomedex and met Corey Perry from IODA – Dave’s spiel is online now and you can hear Corey question and a short discourse about what they are up to but Dave is not involved. Cosmo over at Clubside Breakfast Time has signed on with IODA’s programme and they seem to be filling an important space desired by artists and podcasts alike

    4) I didn’t pause to think about it until your 100th, but i think i managed to crank out 100+ episodes of my wee lil programmes over the past year – i’ll add em up: Canucks Outsider 36 so far, Olympic Outsider 7 – with a killer one with gold medalist Duff Gibson almost ready, 26 Choogle on with Uncle weed, 2 Urban Vancouvers (one more almost done), 30 Postcards from Gravelly Beach (really my favorite) plus appearances on 20+ Clubside Breakfast times, Roland’s Rabble and a handful more and oh yeah, a handful of videocasts hardly worth noting) – my point is, as a podcaster, i applaud your tenacity and dedicaiton in producing compelling and unique shows despite the challanges

    5) Rock on (and play more Numbskulz)

  4. Hey-
    Wow….the siblings got a mention…and you didn’t call us old.

    Congrats on the century mark with the podcast. Oh the places you’ve gone and the people you’ve seen.

    It’s true–since you’re hard to call or iChat, RadioZoom keeps me current on the Vancouver Bollwitts.

    BTW–your nephew spent the last long car trip overdosing on the “Corner Gas” Season 1 DVD set.

  5. You should let Rebecca hijack the podcast and do an episode.
    The show was great. I’m only just catching up on my podcasts now, especially since I found a way to get feedburner feeds to work on Ubuntu.
    Anyway, 100. Sweet.

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