RZ#99 – Soundseeing at the 2006 NHL Draft in Vancouver

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On another mobile adventure, Rebecca and I went to the 2006 NHL Draft at GM Place in downtown Vancouver. We did a lot of recording and did our best to share our experience through this episode. We got to the event a little late, only to get seats near the nose bleed section. We worked our way to the floor where we were in close proximity to some of the NHL’s decision makers, legends, coaches, and players. No music in this episode.

59:57 minutes


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One Reply to “RZ#99 – Soundseeing at the 2006 NHL Draft in Vancouver”

  1. A classic! Thanks for making this – it helped ease the pain of missing out and (no offense intended) I laughed so hard (on the Seabus no less) at your well-intentioned and good-hearted analysis. Love it!

    and Wow, Scotty f&%$#ing Bowman! The Canadiens teams he coached in the 70s are still my pick for best all time.

    See ya at Canadians game!


    PS I went to the “Nucks State of the Franchise event (with free hor d’oeuvres) and recorded some of The Dave speaking to the people which I’ll try to cobble into a Canucks Outsider episode soon. So much to catch up on but the whole day job thing is cramping my podcast mojo ;-).

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