RZ#103 – Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup

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The podcast digs deeper into the make up of this city as I go mobile to the Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup in Stanley Park on July 18, 2006. Typically a monthly event, fellow bloggers for the local edition of the site gather up to hang out face to face in order to know thy fellow contributers. Rebecca joined the group of authors earlier this month. As her guest, I brought along the recording equipment to kind of document the occasion, but more so to meet more people that call Vancouver home and like to blog about it as much as we do.

This is a long episode, but there was a lot of interesting stories and comments that I just didn’t feel like editing out. Only one piece of music featured in this one, but I used a variety of music from Vate, Troubled Hubble, Sebadoh, and John Vanderslice to bridge between some of the segments. This is the first time I have done anything like this, and I had a lot of fun. Feedback is more than welcome!

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4 Replies to “RZ#103 – Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup”

  1. Nice work. I’m quite impressed by the cleanliness of the sound you get with that portable rig. Hope people like this episode.

    I also have a flickr account, where you can see some of the pics from everybody’s favourite blogger-phone.

  2. That’s the best quote…I’m glad you were able to capture it “Don’t shoot that! It’s not bloggable!”

  3. The sound on this podcast is excellent. I enjoyed listening to everyone talk about what they loved about Vancouver. Thank you for doing this.

  4. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the outcome. I had a lot of fun and it was a great experience. I’ll speak more directly about the event in the next episode that will come out this week.

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