RZ#104 – Celebration of Light; Podcast News; Metroblogging Vancouver; Feedback; Ubercaster

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Tackling the podcast again after the last few mobile episodes, we’re back in the studio in this much more relaxed edition. Lots of news about what’s been happening with the podcast, and you can see some of that in the links here in the show notes. I also take a moment to mention feedback that seemed to have been accumulating, but I feel like I missed some of your comments. This is also my maiden voyage of using Ubercaster to do a podcast. Please give me feedback about how it turned out, especially the quality. The program is in beta testing, so your feedback will go to the guy’s making the program in order to make it better.

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2 Replies to “RZ#104 – Celebration of Light; Podcast News; Metroblogging Vancouver; Feedback; Ubercaster”

  1. Usually, Dutch bands that sing in English have their name pronounced in English as well. On the other hand, they’re artists, so the pronunciation could be anything, but English would be a pretty safe bet.

    I have only listened to the four most recent Radiozoom podcasts. I must say I like them. You have some great music, and the mobile ones where you show the listener what is going on in your area are actually quite interesting.

    Great show, and I am looking forward to hearing the next podcast.

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