RZ Video Podcast #11 – More Adventures in Stanley Park Damage

The park is cleaning up from the mess that was caused from the December 2006 storm. We made a trek to see how things are going, especially since a lot more of the park has been cleared of obstacles on the trails. The best part was the tree that we encountered in the last video podcast. This time it was cut in a half and we were surprised to find that someone actually took the time to calculate the rings to determine its age. And yes, once again, another cellphone capture.

RZ#128 – Guinness widget; Northern Voice 2007; Vancouver Podcast Meetup; Flickr fun


I ran around the apartment with my minidisc and microphone to record this one. Rebecca was preparing to head over to the island for the weekend with some of her family(girls only), so I followed her around while spouting off about various topics. I tore into a can of Guinness to find out what those things they put in there look like, we give our review on the Northern Voice conference that occurred last weekend, and give a roundup to the Vancouver Podcast Meetup that Mark Blevis, of the Canadian Podcast Buffet, put together last Sunday. Other hilarities included.

Music links (All tunes from the IODA Promonet)

RZ Video Podcast #10 – Forbidden Stanley Park Trek

We’ve walked around the Park several times since it was closed several weeks ago [audihertz] after a storm with hurricane-force winds blasted its way through. Understandably shut off to public due to the branches, debris and fallen trees that litter the landscape to such a degree that upon beholding the devastation, a lump forms in your throat. Mother Nature sure did a number on the place. Yesterday local news was reporting that the Park had been re-opened [cbc], mostly because of the loss in tourist revenue. Stanley Park Drive, the perimeter road, was opened up although several trails were still closed off to the public. We decided to walk around one of the barriers blocking our favourite, and most frequently traveled trail. The video documents our finds. This is another video attempt with the Nokia 6682 camera phone, so if you have any comments on the quality (and even the content) please let us know in the comment section. Run time 20:07

RZ Video Podcast #9 – Coal Harbour with the camera phone

On a whim, we found ourselves downtown yesterday and couldn’t resist taking a walk down by the water before heading home. With the Nokia in my pocket, we made this video to put it into a podcast. It was a gorgeous day as the sun was setting on Vancouver.

Be sure to leave feedback on these vids we’ve been making with our cellphones. I know that the quality might be slightly lacking, but it’s so easy to make them. Turn around is quick and not very painful. We’ll probably keep doing little vids like this from time to time, so I hope you don’t mind seeing our faces once and a while.

Podshow PDN {podshow-bd4eacead089f317c1ce8a9d839f3eeb}

7:37 minutes

RZ Video Podcast #8 – Cruising in the car with the camera phone

This is a major experiment with cellphone technology to do a video podcast. Not the best quality in the world, but in a pinch, this Nokia can do some nice stuff. Leave comments and do your worst. I told you we’d do something before Christmas, and this is coming in right under the wire.

We were driving around, checking out the festive lights in the area, so I had the idea to make this vid while we made our way back home from Christmas Eve gatherings. A year in review, hopes for the new year, and other various things that I can’t remember. Watch it to find out. We have Christmas things to enjoy right now.

Best wishes this holiday! 🙂

RZ#120 – Car ride to Ikea; Thanksgiving; Storms and water quality; Ice skating; Upcoming interview with Wintersleep


It’s been a while since we’ve done a recording while driving around Vancouver, but having access to a car is a rare opportunity. With minidisc and mini-lapel mic, this episode ends up being a little long. The storms that plagued the lower mainland have caused problems with Vancouver’s water supply, so we highlight some of the issues. In fact, it’s a topic that takes over most of this podcast. Amazing that we can talk about water so much.

We also cover how we celebrated American Thanksgiving here in Canada, my first time ice skating in Vancouver, and announce our upcoming interview with Wintersleep from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will be playing at The Plaza Club on Dec. 2nd, and we will be there for a quick interview with the band.

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66:24 minutes

RZ#118 – Interview with Jim Ward of Sparta at Richards on Richards


Jim Ward of SpartaAnother adventure with the podcasting project, RadioZoom gets the opportunity to hang out with Jim Ward, front man for the band Sparta, during their one night visit on their current tour. Richards on Richards was the venue for this evening, and both Rebecca and I had a really great time.

We discuss a variety of topics, ranging from what life on the road is like, the making of the latest album, Jim’s prior experiences with Vancouver, a little bit of politics, and we discover a little more of what life is like in Jim’s hometown of El Paso, Texas. (Note: explicit language)

It was an amazing opportunity for the interview, and the performance that night was nothing short of being absolutely stellar. We take a moment back in “the studio” to reflect on the overall experience and review what we saw on stage that night.

Music featured in this episode is all by Sparta

  • breaking the broken
  • syncope
  • p.o.m.e.
  • the most vicious crime

59:48 minutes

RZ#116 – Interview with Aberdeen City at Richards on Richards


Aberdeen City w/Electric Six - InterviewThis episode goes mobile as Rebecca and I spend some time with Aberdeen City before they take the stage at Richards on Richards in Vancouver. They were in town on October 17, 2006 on their North American tour, opening up for Electric Six. Answering an email that Rebecca sent them, they arranged for us to be on the guest list and hang out in the green room before the show started.

We get into a variety of topics, including life on the road, their brief time in Vancouver, what it’s like to tour with Electric six, and so on. The whole atmosphere is very laid back and unscripted. You get to hear the whole interview from beginning to end, with only minor editing to make all the segments flow together. Call it what you want, but this is podcasting. There are no rules. (FYI: some explicit language is used in this episode)

On a technical note, this is my first time using Levelator in an episode. This was very useful with the raw audio that I recorded of the interview. I’ve been impressed with what it can do and recommend checking it out for yourself.


54:51 minutes

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RZ#114 – One Year in Vancouver; The Crazy Canucks podcast; Sounds of the SkyTrain; 1907 Film of Downtown Vancouver


I haven’t done anything like this in quite a while, so I decided to take the minidisc and lapel mic with me as I had some things to take care of yesterday. It has been one year since I moved to Vancouver, so I talk a little about what the whole experience has been like. I also hesitate to say that this is the official, one year episode as Rebecca wants to do some recording on the topic as well. A second part might materialize soon.

I also talk about the new podcasting project that I launched this past week. The Crazy Canucks is an extension of the “Hockey Talk” segment from this podcast, but check out the website to get more of the story. Also, I had the opportunity to partake in a project regarding the oldest, surviving film footage of Vancouver from 1907.

Artist links

56:39 minutes

RZ#110 – Vandigicam Flickr Group: Portrait Throw Down Meetup


Photo Credit: Rebecca[flickr:miss604]I was invited to join the Vandigicam Flickr Group on their “Portrait Throw Down III” meetup that gathered in English Bay on August 30, 2006. Vancouver photographer, Rachael Ashe, contacted me with the idea that this event that she was leading would make for interesting podcast material. The location and people apart of the group were an excellent setting for documenting what a Vandigicam gathering is like. Rebecca joined me but participated in the photo-festivities while I ran around with a microphone. Yet another adventure into the people that make up Vancouver, and here is a portion of those people who share a passion for getting behind the lense.

I would love to have linked to everyone’s Flickr accounts that I met at the meetup. Gladly and unfortunately, there were just way too many people to recall nor would it be fair to list the few people I do recall while forgetting the rest. If you were there, feel free to post a comment with a link to your photos. Regardless, it was great meeting everyone!

55:39 minutes