RZ#120 – Car ride to Ikea; Thanksgiving; Storms and water quality; Ice skating; Upcoming interview with Wintersleep

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It’s been a while since we’ve done a recording while driving around Vancouver, but having access to a car is a rare opportunity. With minidisc and mini-lapel mic, this episode ends up being a little long. The storms that plagued the lower mainland have caused problems with Vancouver’s water supply, so we highlight some of the issues. In fact, it’s a topic that takes over most of this podcast. Amazing that we can talk about water so much.

We also cover how we celebrated American Thanksgiving here in Canada, my first time ice skating in Vancouver, and announce our upcoming interview with Wintersleep from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will be playing at The Plaza Club on Dec. 2nd, and we will be there for a quick interview with the band.

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