RZ Video Podcast #10 – Forbidden Stanley Park Trek

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We’ve walked around the Park several times since it was closed several weeks ago [audihertz] after a storm with hurricane-force winds blasted its way through. Understandably shut off to public due to the branches, debris and fallen trees that litter the landscape to such a degree that upon beholding the devastation, a lump forms in your throat. Mother Nature sure did a number on the place. Yesterday local news was reporting that the Park had been re-opened [cbc], mostly because of the loss in tourist revenue. Stanley Park Drive, the perimeter road, was opened up although several trails were still closed off to the public. We decided to walk around one of the barriers blocking our favourite, and most frequently traveled trail. The video documents our finds. This is another video attempt with the Nokia 6682 camera phone, so if you have any comments on the quality (and even the content) please let us know in the comment section. Run time 20:07


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5 Replies to “RZ Video Podcast #10 – Forbidden Stanley Park Trek”

  1. OK…so I think I heard Rebecca mention something about cedar trees not being down. Am I right? Anyway, the reason why you don’t find cedar or ponderosa trees knocked down in those storms vs. the douglas firs is because of the root system. Cedars have a root that goes straight down, anchoring it into the ground. Doug firs have a root system that just sort of stays on the surface and spreads in a small area around the tree. It baffles me how those tall ones can stay standing with such a small circumference root system.

    Quality…its fine. It’s taken with a phone! I’ve used Nero at home to improve the quality of some digital videos…not sure if they have it for Mac (I know you are on the dark side of computing), but take a look at http://www.nero.com

  2. Yeah I did mention cedars because of that reason.

    John’s on the Mac I’m still with good ol’ PC and have a couple Nero programs on here, but as if he’d let me do podcast editing on MY machine 😉 jk

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