RZ Video Podcast #9 – Coal Harbour with the camera phone

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On a whim, we found ourselves downtown yesterday and couldn’t resist taking a walk down by the water before heading home. With the Nokia in my pocket, we made this video to put it into a podcast. It was a gorgeous day as the sun was setting on Vancouver.

Be sure to leave feedback on these vids we’ve been making with our cellphones. I know that the quality might be slightly lacking, but it’s so easy to make them. Turn around is quick and not very painful. We’ll probably keep doing little vids like this from time to time, so I hope you don’t mind seeing our faces once and a while.

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7:37 minutes


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2 Replies to “RZ Video Podcast #9 – Coal Harbour with the camera phone”

  1. The mobile phone camera is a bit on the pixelated side…but I like the little ‘tour-guide’ bits you are doing. I’ve been through YVR I don’t know how many times…but I have never left the airport. You are peaking my interest to actually SEE Vancouver.

  2. I have to say that I’m impressed with what this camera phone can do, but it is a bit on the poor quality side. In a pinch, it could really come in handy when nothing else is available. I’m also learning tricks with it, such as keeping it still in low light and what not.

    Glad you like it though. We’re just experimenting with what we can do.

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