Help support RadioZoom

In the last video podcast, we made mention about various ways that you can help support our podcast. Our hope is you understand that we don’t plan to make tons of money with the content we produce with RadioZoom. The simple fact is that all of this is done through our own investments.

With a recent redesign to the website for RadioZoom, I overlooked the donation page. The donate button for the RadioZoom account on PayPal is back and fully functioning.

Anything you would contribute would go towards some of the following things that make RadioZoom available:

  • Bandwidth
  • Web server storage
  • Recording equipment
  • Audio editing software

This podcast has been going since 2004, and we plan to keep going into 2007 for sure. Even if everyone who downloaded an episode donated $5, that investment would help us out immensely. Of course, there are much more pressing things in the world to donate your money to, but if you take some entertainment from the antics we bring you, then this is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

You can go here to donate.

Thank you! 🙂