RZ Video Podcast #9 – Coal Harbour with the camera phone

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On a whim, we found ourselves downtown yesterday and couldn’t resist taking a walk down by the water before heading home. With the Nokia in my pocket, we made this video to put it into a podcast. It was a gorgeous day as the sun was setting on Vancouver.

Be sure to leave feedback on these vids we’ve been making with our cellphones. I know that the quality might be slightly lacking, but it’s so easy to make them. Turn around is quick and not very painful. We’ll probably keep doing little vids like this from time to time, so I hope you don’t mind seeing our faces once and a while.

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Help support RadioZoom

In the last video podcast, we made mention about various ways that you can help support our podcast. Our hope is you understand that we don’t plan to make tons of money with the content we produce with RadioZoom. The simple fact is that all of this is done through our own investments.

With a recent redesign to the website for RadioZoom, I overlooked the donation page. The donate button for the RadioZoom account on PayPal is back and fully functioning.

Anything you would contribute would go towards some of the following things that make RadioZoom available:

  • Bandwidth
  • Web server storage
  • Recording equipment
  • Audio editing software

This podcast has been going since 2004, and we plan to keep going into 2007 for sure. Even if everyone who downloaded an episode donated $5, that investment would help us out immensely. Of course, there are much more pressing things in the world to donate your money to, but if you take some entertainment from the antics we bring you, then this is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

You can go here to donate.

Thank you! 🙂

RZ Video Podcast #8 – Cruising in the car with the camera phone

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This is a major experiment with cellphone technology to do a video podcast. Not the best quality in the world, but in a pinch, this Nokia can do some nice stuff. Leave comments and do your worst. I told you we’d do something before Christmas, and this is coming in right under the wire.

We were driving around, checking out the festive lights in the area, so I had the idea to make this vid while we made our way back home from Christmas Eve gatherings. A year in review, hopes for the new year, and other various things that I can’t remember. Watch it to find out. We have Christmas things to enjoy right now.

Best wishes this holiday! 🙂


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Aberdeen City’s Christmas Gift

A little while ago Jim from Aberdeen City (the very cool manager that set up the interview with us for RadioZoom) emailed me to ask for our address. Yesterday our Christmas greeting arrived from the band. It included more information about the free holiday download that’s being offered on their official website. All is explained in my recent post [The Gift of Digital Music]

Aberdeen City [MySpace]:

“…we thought it appropriate to record a Christmas song in our hotel instead. We’re floating it out there as a free digital single for all of you, packaged with a never-released late night driving version of “God is Going To Get Sick of Me”. Use the below link to download the songs and the artwork.” www.aberdeenmusic.com/holidaysingle

Sparta on another tour (U.S. Only)

I caught this story on PunkNews.org, and the main thing that I find incredible is the second city on the tour date list. Iowa City! And if you listen to the interview that RadioZoom did with Jim Ward, lead singer of Sparta, in November[rz118], you might recall that I lobbied for the band to consider swinging through Iowa City if they were ever in the area.

Toss this one up to the power of new media? Maybe. It would be really interesting if Jim had any part in putting IC on the list. It’s a U.S. tour only, so check out their site for details on any changes or additions.

Take that, Ames!

RZ#122 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: December 2006

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This is getting out a little later than normal, but I’m blaming the holidays on that one. However, the theme for this installment is in regards to a blog post that I made regarding music at Vancouver Canucks games. It’s gathered some attention from people who are actual hockey DJ’s from various parts of the sport. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and explored the Podsafe Music Network this morning to quickly find some potential new blood for venues around North America.

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RZ#121 – Christmas cheer; Music and interviews; Listener feedback; Vancouver Trivia

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Coming back after being away for nearly two weeks, Rebecca and I sit down in “the studio” to get caught up on our podcasting duties. Illnesses and business aside, we’re back with a variety of topics while sitting down to record without any plan. Christmas is upon us, and we’re getting a gift from Aberdeen City, which is awesome. There is also some discussion of Christmas shopping and what it takes to send presents back to the U.S.

We’ve received some great feedback from listeners about some of the interviews we’ve been doing. Unfortunately, our interview with Wintersleep did not happen, but maybe next time. We do take some time to thank those who have submitted feedback about the podcasts we’ve been putting out there and comment about our music related interviews in general. Rebecca also got a great chance to interview a member of The Could Room and talks about the very cool opportunity.

Also check out this month’s edition of Vancouver Trivia to see how well John knows the city.

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The Cloud Room Email Interview

As a follow up to John’s original post [The Cloud Room Needs Your Help] about the fire in lead singer J’s apartment, I decided to dig a little deeper and get in touch with J myself. The following is cross posted from my blog, [Miss604.com: Interview with J from The Cloud Room] and talked about on Episode #121.

Miss 604: I know The Cloud Room’s been crazy-busy over the last year: releasing your album in 2005, tours in Australia, Canada, US, festivals (SxSW), TV (talk shows, MTV, MuchMusic, etc.) … When did you get back home and have some downtime?

J: Back in March we had recorded two new songs (“Lord, I’m Tryin'” and “Eleanor F.”) and figured we just keep recording our 2nd album patchwork-style. We thought we were in for a long respite in June after our 6 months of touring ended in Australia. Continue reading “The Cloud Room Email Interview”