RZ#122 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: December 2006

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This is getting out a little later than normal, but I’m blaming the holidays on that one. However, the theme for this installment is in regards to a blog post that I made regarding music at Vancouver Canucks games. It’s gathered some attention from people who are actual hockey DJ’s from various parts of the sport. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and explored the Podsafe Music Network this morning to quickly find some potential new blood for venues around North America.

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One Reply to “RZ#122 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: December 2006”

  1. You are definitely on to something here. I like the ‘indie’ idea…and I especially like the idea of keeping the music somewhat close to home.

    To expand on your thoughts a little, by creating a ‘soundtrack’ for your arena/team…you could create the sound of the team year by year with different and changing music for each season. If a team marketing exec is listening out there…you could actually market and sell a ‘soundtrack’ of those songs to your fan base. What are the things that bring back memories quicker than anything? Smells and Sounds. Music can transform you to the arena…can remind you of the good times you had at the rink. It would be the number one Christmas seller in the online store.

    The modern music, coupled with great classics (that are not overplayed)…and the old pipe organ, are all mainstays that garner a great hockey experience. A combination of all three, I feel, is essential to capturing the essense of the game.

    I know how you were having a hard time explaining your thoughts about what is needed and what you shouldn’t do when playing tunes during a game. The key ingredient is to create something unique for your city/team…and then keep it fresh. Playing Queen at the end of every win is just…well, too much.

    I still stick with an ‘edited’ version of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ by Robbie Williams as an opening track for the team entering the ice. But…you use it 1 year only…then find something fresh and create a new identity for your team/brand. Because, after all, the team is a brand…and if your brand is old and boring (Hello Chicago Blackhawks fans!), nobody will give a crap about it. At the same time, Vancouver is a very saavy market and they can’t be fooled with it comes to the Canucks…its got to be real.

    Well done John…very enjoyable podcast. I’m going to go looking for the Cage 9 stuff…that was music right down my alley.

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