RZ#121 – Christmas cheer; Music and interviews; Listener feedback; Vancouver Trivia

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Coming back after being away for nearly two weeks, Rebecca and I sit down in “the studio” to get caught up on our podcasting duties. Illnesses and business aside, we’re back with a variety of topics while sitting down to record without any plan. Christmas is upon us, and we’re getting a gift from Aberdeen City, which is awesome. There is also some discussion of Christmas shopping and what it takes to send presents back to the U.S.

We’ve received some great feedback from listeners about some of the interviews we’ve been doing. Unfortunately, our interview with Wintersleep did not happen, but maybe next time. We do take some time to thank those who have submitted feedback about the podcasts we’ve been putting out there and comment about our music related interviews in general. Rebecca also got a great chance to interview a member of The Could Room and talks about the very cool opportunity.

Also check out this month’s edition of Vancouver Trivia to see how well John knows the city.

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2 Replies to “RZ#121 – Christmas cheer; Music and interviews; Listener feedback; Vancouver Trivia”

  1. My first go at your RadioZoom podcast…great bands. OK…I thought I listened to some cool bands, but you are a step beyond. Great stuff.

    I was sitting there thinking…John Vanderslice…blowing away a bird in his tree…how incredibly festive during this time of year. Heh.

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