RZ#68 – Vancouver Podcaster Meet Up; Tech News

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Feeling the coffee on this episode, I share my thoughts about the Vancouver Podcaster Meet Up, roll into a Zoom-in-Tech segment, and go over some emails that have come in from listeners. Lots of congrats coming from the announcement of Rebecca and I getting married in a few weeks. Thanks go out to everyone who has wished us well.

Zoom-in-Tech articles:
– MacNN: “TPS ‘dissappointed’ with Apple’s Intel Ad”
– SpyMac.com: “Pick up the iPhone!”
– TechWeb: “New Radio Choices Explode, Reception Costly”
(More about HD Radio)
– Wired: “Blazing Wi-Fi Zips Toward Reality”
– CNN.com: “Family Guy’s Stewie hosting talk show”

Links and name drops:
Tod Maffin
David Drucker
Robert Sanzalone
Derek K. Miller
Vancouver Weekly Underground Review Podcast
James Sherret
MJ Ankenman
Mike and Sarah
Ted Riecken
Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast
Podsafe Music Network

Music artists for this episode:
Numbskulz – lifestyles
Derek K. Miller – you’re the big sky
Dav Mattucci – the pessimist
The Boy Least Likely To – be gentle

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43:32 minutes


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2 Replies to “RZ#68 – Vancouver Podcaster Meet Up; Tech News”

  1. The Numbskulz don’t *really* like the Backstreet boys – that was just goofing around. I thought i would mention that before anyone gets the wrong idea.

    Keep on Chooglin’!

  2. I figured as much since these kids are almost too young to really have enjoyed the Backstreet Boys back in their “glory years.”

    That thought alone dates both you and me.

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