RZ#69 – Winter Olympics; The Ben Interview

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The 2006 Winter Olympics kicked off in Italy today. I share a little bit about what I saw during the live broadcast the CBC provided this afternoon and discuss these olympics in relation to the upcoming 2010 games in Vancouver. And while prepping today’s episode, my nephew came online with iChat. I took the opportunity to perform yet another experiment and record a conversation with him and his mother, Wendy. And by the way, Happy Birthday, Wendy!!! We also cover some listener feedback.

Links and name drops:
Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
– The Winnipeg Sun: “VANOC asks for extra $110 million”
– National Post: “B.C. Games $110M over budget”
– Wikipedia: 2006 Olympics, 2010 Olympics, Angelman Syndrome
Angelman Syndrome Foundation
Choogle On with Uncle Weed

Music artists for this episode:
The Red Thread – ship in the attic
Folk Implosion – kingdom of lies (Lou Barlow)
The Diamond Mines – dad’s old radio
Longwave – wake me when it’s over

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