RZ#61 – Feeling Better; Tech News; Hockey Talk

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There are a few topics that we hit today that I wanted to glance over. This is the second episode this week in quick turn around fashion, but I’m getting the handle on this new mixer and feeling a lot better. Hopefully this makes up for the lack of episodes as a result of my sinus infection from last week. I hope to post another episode on Friday, if not by the weekend.

Topics for today include a RadioZoom in Tech segment about some new things from Apple, Hockey Talk about the Canucks and Sidney Crosby, and some listener feedback. I also share a handful of stories in the mix of things.

Links and name drops in this episode:
iPod Updater [2006-01-10]
iPod Radio Remote – FM radio on your iPod plus RDS support
MacBook Pro – Apple’s new laptop computer
Yahoo! Sports: Vancouver Canucks
Sidney Crosby
http://feeds.feedburner.com/electronicamexicana – Feed for Vate’s podcast featuring mexican electronica music.
Vancouver Podcast Meet Up
UncleWeed.net – Dave Olsen and his many podcasts.
Tod Maffin

Music artists for this episode:
Dick Prall – barely moving
Longwave – tell me i’m wrong
The Appleseed Cast – innocent vigilant ordinary
The Cloud Room – the hunger

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