RZ#57 – Soundseeing of Christmas Shopping in Vancouver

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Another podcast, another experiment in being mobile. This time I take you with me as I do some Christmas shopping in downtown Vancouver. I’m getting better at being a soundseeing tour guiding, but not much. I’m just trying to do something new, different, and creative with my podcasts.

As a side note, I must apologize for this coming out later than it should. The holidays were a set back, but now I’m just getting over a flu bug that has pass through Rebecca’s family. I was bound to get it, and it has not been fun. I edited this all together today just to do something creative and feel normal.

All music in this episode come from mexican electronic music artist, Vate. Please click on the link and visit the website for more information.

Please send an email or audio comment to radiozoom [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, send your mp3’s of music you’d like to see played on my podcast to the same address.

34:46 minutes


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