RZ#58 – New Years in Vancouver; The Flu; Hockey Talk

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Happy New Year! Running straight into 2006, I hope you can handle this episode of RadioZoom. In today’s episode, I talk a little about my new years celebration in Vancouver, being sick with the flu, some hockey discussion, email feedback about Canadian beer, and the music you’ve come to expect from me.

I’m still stuck with this awful headset, but not for much longer. I made some changes midway through the podcast, so you can notice a difference in my voice as it goes on. I already recorded the whole episode, so I’m putting it out anyway. I have a Christmas present coming from my brother in the next few days, so watch for the quality of my podcasts to get much better.

There’s new snow on the mountains! I said that I would post this picture in the show notes, so here it is. This is good news for the local skiers, which I’d try to be one of if I had health insurance.

Links and name drops:
Island Podcasting – Ted Riecken
Vancouver Canucks
Yahoo! Sports – Canucks News
Vancouver Giants
World Junior Hockey Championships

Music artists for this episode:
The Zambonis – hockey monkey
Diamond Mines – another
Mates of State – uber legitimate
The Boy Least Likely To – i see spiders when i close my eyes

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3 Replies to “RZ#58 – New Years in Vancouver; The Flu; Hockey Talk”

  1. We are located next door to the GIANTS home @ Renfrew & hastings …FREE (yes that’s right) parking in the underground at the Holiday Inn.

    Major Hockey room with 11 foor screen and 7 more round the room, big leather chairs , beer specials.

    Had the Scout for Gretski’s Team in here last week or two, Old Timers here on the 29th.

    All Giants Head Office and Coliseum folks come here after the game…ps UFC nights rock…New Years is (no cover) OPEN HOUSE open Mic and Prizes for crooners…also we wil be cutting the rug @ 10 252-2690

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