RZ#56 – Holiday Shopping Tales; Hockey Talk

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It’s a bit late in the outgoing, but I guess you could call this my Christmas episode. I talk about a variety of things in this podcast. Holiday shopping, a little bit of hockey talk, and some email from fellow podcasters. Even got a little bit of Rebecca in on this episode. Remember, her birthday is on January 9th, so send me all your birthday wishes now to help make it a good one.

Merry Christmas and thanks for listening!

Name drops and links:
Holly McNarland
One Man Offside – Jim Criniti
Canucks Outsider – Dave Olsen
Dick’s and Jane’s Podcast
The Roadhouse Podcast – Tony Steidler-Dennison
My World – Paul Crick
Vancouver Canucks
Shure SM7

Music selections, as played by artist permission:
The Cloud Room – hey now now
Empty Rooms – try again
Cedars – lo-fi
The Boy Least Likely To – paper cuts

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42:09 minutes


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