RZ#55 – Six Song Donut Spectacular; Canada Insights; Canucks

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To make up for lost ground from the previous two episodes, I offer a mostly music podcast with this six song donut spectacular! Just a little commentary from me, minor observations about Canada, slight Canucks update, and warm wishes to you this holiday season. Look for more mobile podcasts in the future as I attempt to get better with my techniques and abilities.

Links worth mentioning in this episode:
Vancouver Canucks
USA Hockey: 2006 Men’s Olympic Team
Wikipedia: loonie, toonie
The RadioZoom Podcast Frappr

The six song donut spectacular, as played by permission:
The Stephen Davis Project – not thinking about you
The Vinyltones – motorcycle
Tapes n’ Tapes – cowbell
The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers – cannot eat better not sleep
– The Promise Ring – get on the floor (Maritime)
Nada Surf – always love

Please send an email or audio comment to radiozoom [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, send your mp3’s of music you’d like to see played on my podcast to the same address.

33:43 minutes


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