RZ#66 – Vancouver Weather; Lower Mainland Drivers

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Rolling out a little later than what has been normal. Life has picked up a little bit, so I haven’t had time until today to get something out. This episode includes some discussion about the weather in Vancouver, drivers in the lower mainland, and some listener feedback. Just doing my best to give you more insight on what it’s like to be a boy from Iowa, living in the land of Canada.

Links and name drops:
– CTV: Vancouver sees record rainy days in January
– Globeandmail.com: Witness the wetness of January
– CBC British Columbia: Rainy, rainy January sets record
– Wiki: 2006 Mexican Elections, Politics of Mexico, Federal Government of the United Mexican States

Music artists for this episode:
Matthew Good – while we were hunting rabbits
Mates of State – girls singing
3 Blind Mice – emily has compassion fatigue
Longwave – wake me when it’s over

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40:31 minutes


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