RZ#125 – Northern Voice; Amazing Hunt; Matthew Good

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Rebecca and I gather in the studio to record this episode before the puck drops on a Canucks game. Of course, if you want to hear more of the hockey talk, check out The Crazy Canucks.

In this episode, we talk about the Northern Voice conference and try to make our case to the organizers of the event as to why we deserve one of the travel bursaries to attend the event. We also talk about Rebecca’s upcoming involvement with the Amazing Hunt in Vancouver. Matthew Good has a new album that he’s recording, and your dear hosts have a few other tidbits to share in that area.

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One Reply to “RZ#125 – Northern Voice; Amazing Hunt; Matthew Good”

  1. Well I was going to comment on…errr…slurring…ohhhh, never mind.

    You are definitely hitting me up with some new tunes though. Now I have to try and find a way of purchasing online easily. I liked the Cage 9 (my daughter says its the same as Hoobastank…but I like Hoobastank) and the Secret Machines you played on this one.

    Yeah…for an old guy, I like new tunes.

    But, I still have to say…the sound of beer being slugged from the bottle just makes me…THIRSTY!! Oh how I miss NW beers…but a good pint of Guinness or Kilkenny is always good.

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