RZ#117 – One year in Vancouver part two; Upcoming interview; Vancouver Trivia; Feedback

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We’ve been really busy lately, and that has delayed getting this episode out. Rebecca and I took time to record something last night and post it this morning. Rebecca’s really come on board with the podcast, and I highlight some of her awesomeness. In fact, she has secured yet another interview opportunity with a band coming to Vancouver, so we make that announcement as well as discuss the new avenues that RadioZoom is exploring.

Being part two of my one year anniversary in Vancouver, we can’t get through this episode without doing some Vancouver Trivia, no matter how much Ubercaster messes up on us. I have to say, I’m really amazed with how much I have learned about this city in the past year. We also take a moment to get to some feedback that we’ve received from listeners.

Be sure to check out the ever changing website for RadioZoom. The “RZ Blog” has been added and will feature updates about the podcast. Also check out the “Episode Archive” to see a list of every episode of the podcast that is available.

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