RZ#144 – Girl on Girl on Ferry

I (Rebecca) take the helm of Episode #144 as I capture, edit and publish the audio I recorded with Keira-Anne a few weeks ago during a weekend jaunt to Vancouver Island. We put the call out on our blogs for questions – any questions and were very pleased with the overwhelming response. [Keira-Anne][Miss604]

Photo by: Keira-Anne on Flickr

This is actually part one and we’re uncertain when the raw, uncut “part two” will be released. So for now, enjoy the sounds of a BC Ferry, and two girls who are super excited to hit the powder up on Mt. Washington.

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RZ#142 – August Long Weekend in Osoyoos

This is some audio that we recorded last August after spending a weekend in Osoyoos, B.C. This audio has been sitting around for nearly six months, and I finally got around to editing it. There’s more where this came from, so look for more in the future.

There is still music in this one, as does every episode of RZ.

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RZ#135 – Vancouver Canadians; Opening Day at Nat Baily Stadium

Baseball in Vancouver? You bet, and we take our adventures to the one hundred year old ballpark of Nat Baily Stadium for opening day of the 2007 Vancouver Canadians baseball season. They’ve renovated since the last time we’ve been to a game, so we give you our thoughts and some sounds to the start of this year.

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RZ#133 – Again from Stanley Park; Dandy Warhols coming to Vancouver; On Lions Gate Bridge; Dinner at Olympia; Impromptu Vancouver Trivia

Hello. We’re back. Yes, we’re still here, and you’re along for another adventure into Stanley Park. We stop to give you some subtle updates of what has gone on since the last, “real” episode, and there are a handful of more artists that have granted permission to play their music on our podcast. Since we’re on the go in this entire episode, we don’t talk about the music as much as we explore the park. We even try to suck it up and actually walk out onto Lions Gate Bridge, the fear of heights being fairly strong for both of us. We end the day with some Vancouver Trivia back at home.

Also, if you dig the tracks by The Dandy Warhols, check out their show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver if you in the area on June 1st, 2007.

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RZ#116 – Interview with Aberdeen City at Richards on Richards

Aberdeen City w/Electric Six - InterviewThis episode goes mobile as Rebecca and I spend some time with Aberdeen City before they take the stage at Richards on Richards in Vancouver. They were in town on October 17, 2006 on their North American tour, opening up for Electric Six. Answering an email that Rebecca sent them, they arranged for us to be on the guest list and hang out in the green room before the show started.

We get into a variety of topics, including life on the road, their brief time in Vancouver, what it’s like to tour with Electric six, and so on. The whole atmosphere is very laid back and unscripted. You get to hear the whole interview from beginning to end, with only minor editing to make all the segments flow together. Call it what you want, but this is podcasting. There are no rules. (FYI: some explicit language is used in this episode)

On a technical note, this is my first time using Levelator in an episode. This was very useful with the raw audio that I recorded of the interview. I’ve been impressed with what it can do and recommend checking it out for yourself.


54:51 minutes

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RZ#114 – One Year in Vancouver; The Crazy Canucks podcast; Sounds of the SkyTrain; 1907 Film of Downtown Vancouver

I haven’t done anything like this in quite a while, so I decided to take the minidisc and lapel mic with me as I had some things to take care of yesterday. It has been one year since I moved to Vancouver, so I talk a little about what the whole experience has been like. I also hesitate to say that this is the official, one year episode as Rebecca wants to do some recording on the topic as well. A second part might materialize soon.

I also talk about the new podcasting project that I launched this past week. The Crazy Canucks is an extension of the “Hockey Talk” segment from this podcast, but check out the website to get more of the story. Also, I had the opportunity to partake in a project regarding the oldest, surviving film footage of Vancouver from 1907.

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56:39 minutes

RZ#110 – Vandigicam Flickr Group: Portrait Throw Down Meetup

Photo Credit: Rebecca[flickr:miss604]I was invited to join the Vandigicam Flickr Group on their “Portrait Throw Down III” meetup that gathered in English Bay on August 30, 2006. Vancouver photographer, Rachael Ashe, contacted me with the idea that this event that she was leading would make for interesting podcast material. The location and people apart of the group were an excellent setting for documenting what a Vandigicam gathering is like. Rebecca joined me but participated in the photo-festivities while I ran around with a microphone. Yet another adventure into the people that make up Vancouver, and here is a portion of those people who share a passion for getting behind the lense.

I would love to have linked to everyone’s Flickr accounts that I met at the meetup. Gladly and unfortunately, there were just way too many people to recall nor would it be fair to list the few people I do recall while forgetting the rest. If you were there, feel free to post a comment with a link to your photos. Regardless, it was great meeting everyone!

55:39 minutes

RZ#105 – Adventures in Stanley Park

Some soundseeing, mobile recording, and messing around while Rebecca joins me for a bit of wandering through Stanley Park. We discuss a little bit of the history of the park, venture into some favorites spots of ours, and head into the bush to see what else there is off the trails. With no plans of where to go, we didn’t know what to expect or what we would come across. FYI, Stanley Park is 1,000 acres, and New York’s Central Park is 843.

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52:56 minutes

RZ#102 – Soundseeing at the Very Berry Fair in Fort Langley, B.C.

The 5th annual Very Berry Fair drew Rebecca and I out to Fort Langley along with her mother, niece, and nephew over the weekend. The event happen on the grounds of The Fort Wine Co. where there was plenty to do for the kids and lots of arts and crafts for sale. I took along the minidisc with the stereo lapel mic and give you some sounds of the event as well as some commentary about what you are hearing.

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54:02 minutes

RadioZoom#99 – Soundseeing at the 2006 NHL Draft in Vancouver

On another mobile adventure, Rebecca and I went to the 2006 NHL Draft at GM Place in downtown Vancouver. We did a lot of recording and did our best to share our experience through this episode. We got to the event a little late, only to get seats near the nose bleed section. We worked our way to the floor where we were in close proximity to some of the NHL’s decision makers, legends, coaches, and players. No music in this episode.

59:57 minutes