RZ#125 – Northern Voice; Amazing Hunt; Matthew Good


Rebecca and I gather in the studio to record this episode before the puck drops on a Canucks game. Of course, if you want to hear more of the hockey talk, check out The Crazy Canucks.

In this episode, we talk about the Northern Voice conference and try to make our case to the organizers of the event as to why we deserve one of the travel bursaries to attend the event. We also talk about Rebecca’s upcoming involvement with the Amazing Hunt in Vancouver. Matthew Good has a new album that he’s recording, and your dear hosts have a few other tidbits to share in that area.

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RZ#124 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: January 2007


All ska, but not all the time. That’s right. Six tracks of music thought dead, but I beg to differ. I actually put a bit more commentary into this episode. Never knew I could talk that much about ska music, but that’s just the way it is. All tracks come to you via the Podsafe Music Network.

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43:08 minutes

RZ#123 – Rebecca’s Birthday; Donations; Olympic Village; Vancouver Trivia


Our first episode back in the studio after quite a while. We’ve been having too much fun with the video podcasts, so it’s about time that we got back into the groove of the strictly audio world. We recorded this just ahead of watching the Canucks play on TV, so you’ll hear the sound of glass bottles clink in the background just a little bit. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out what’s inside of them.

I’m posting this during the second intermission, so I’ll make this brief.

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58:43 minutes

Sparta on Conan O’Brien

One of the highlights from 2006 was our interview with Jim Ward from Sparta [RZ]. Watching the band’s success grow with the release of their album, Threes, has been really fun. Latest news, according to their MySpace page, is that they’ll be on Conan O’Brien this coming Tuesday.


Sparta will be performing live on Conan O’Brien this TUESDAY, JANUARY 16th! If you live in the NY area and are dying to attend, tickets are sold out, BUT you can call this number (212.664.3056) in case someone cancels to get on a waiting list!

Tune in to Conan O’Brien on NBC at 12:35AM on Tuesday (check your local listings)!

Public Sparta Show Added at Sundance!
If you live in the Park City or Salt Lake City area, we have good news for you! Sparta has added an evening show, open to the public at Star Bar!
Tickets are $15 at the door.

The Star Bar
“The Offical Music Venue of the Sundance Film Festival”
268 Main St
Park City, UT 84060
Doors @ 9PM

RZ Video Podcast #10 – Forbidden Stanley Park Trek

We’ve walked around the Park several times since it was closed several weeks ago [audihertz] after a storm with hurricane-force winds blasted its way through. Understandably shut off to public due to the branches, debris and fallen trees that litter the landscape to such a degree that upon beholding the devastation, a lump forms in your throat. Mother Nature sure did a number on the place. Yesterday local news was reporting that the Park had been re-opened [cbc], mostly because of the loss in tourist revenue. Stanley Park Drive, the perimeter road, was opened up although several trails were still closed off to the public. We decided to walk around one of the barriers blocking our favourite, and most frequently traveled trail. The video documents our finds. This is another video attempt with the Nokia 6682 camera phone, so if you have any comments on the quality (and even the content) please let us know in the comment section. Run time 20:07