The Cloud Room needs your help

A little over a week ago, I caught this blog post about a recent tragedy to hit The Cloud Room. Luckily it’s not one of those things where anyone has died, but the result isn’t much better. The basic story is that J, the lead singer of the band, returned to his home in Brooklyn, NY to find it burnt down. Lost was all the recordings for the upcoming album, plus a bunch of their gear. Not good.

If you can find some extra cash this holiday season, they’ve set up a PayPal account to take donations so they can replace what they can. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

Sparta to appear on Late Late Show tonight

Shamefully, we’ve known about this for a few days now, but it’s worth making a last minute post about it. Sparta will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. The show airs on CBS in the states, so check your local listings to see if you can catch it in your area.

Check back here in case you miss it. I’ll do my best to track it down online and give you a link to catch Jim and the guys play live on television. I know Rebecca and I are pretty excited. It’s almost like an honor to have done the interview with Jim[rz118] and then see them on national television. Neat stuff.

RZ#120 – Car ride to Ikea; Thanksgiving; Storms and water quality; Ice skating; Upcoming interview with Wintersleep

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It’s been a while since we’ve done a recording while driving around Vancouver, but having access to a car is a rare opportunity. With minidisc and mini-lapel mic, this episode ends up being a little long. The storms that plagued the lower mainland have caused problems with Vancouver’s water supply, so we highlight some of the issues. In fact, it’s a topic that takes over most of this podcast. Amazing that we can talk about water so much.

We also cover how we celebrated American Thanksgiving here in Canada, my first time ice skating in Vancouver, and announce our upcoming interview with Wintersleep from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will be playing at The Plaza Club on Dec. 2nd, and we will be there for a quick interview with the band.

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66:24 minutes


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BlogCritics interview with Phil Ayoub

Phil Ayoub is an artist from the Boston area that RadioZoom played recently. He’s been gracious enough for the spin to drop a comment on the site as well as send in a personal email of thanks. When I spotted an interview with him that was posted on, I thought I would pass it on here.

This week’s Band of the Week is deep-thinking, deep-feeling, Springsteen fan Phil Ayoub (pronounced A-yoob). This quintessential all American boy from Boston has taken the long way round to his music career. Phil did what all of us know we should after high school; he went to college. Boston College to be exact, and he earned his MBA. After college he joined a large investment firm but his secret passion for music wouldn’t die. [blogcritics]

Keep reading the rest of the interview here.

RZ#119 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: November 2006

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Rain and electronic music almost seem to go hand in hand. Here is the six song from this month. A sampling of some electronic music that I enjoy, giving you more of a taste of the various types of music that I enjoy. The weather might be a little awful today, but I assure you that the music is good. Some thanks goes to the Podsafe Music Network for allowing me to find some of these selections and play them for you.

44:55 minutes


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RZ#118 – Interview with Jim Ward of Sparta at Richards on Richards

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Jim Ward of SpartaAnother adventure with the podcasting project, RadioZoom gets the opportunity to hang out with Jim Ward, front man for the band Sparta, during their one night visit on their current tour. Richards on Richards was the venue for this evening, and both Rebecca and I had a really great time.

We discuss a variety of topics, ranging from what life on the road is like, the making of the latest album, Jim’s prior experiences with Vancouver, a little bit of politics, and we discover a little more of what life is like in Jim’s hometown of El Paso, Texas. (Note: explicit language)

It was an amazing opportunity for the interview, and the performance that night was nothing short of being absolutely stellar. We take a moment back in “the studio” to reflect on the overall experience and review what we saw on stage that night.

Music featured in this episode is all by Sparta

  • breaking the broken
  • syncope
  • p.o.m.e.
  • the most vicious crime

59:48 minutes


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RZ#117 – One year in Vancouver part two; Upcoming interview; Vancouver Trivia; Feedback

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We’ve been really busy lately, and that has delayed getting this episode out. Rebecca and I took time to record something last night and post it this morning. Rebecca’s really come on board with the podcast, and I highlight some of her awesomeness. In fact, she has secured yet another interview opportunity with a band coming to Vancouver, so we make that announcement as well as discuss the new avenues that RadioZoom is exploring.

Being part two of my one year anniversary in Vancouver, we can’t get through this episode without doing some Vancouver Trivia, no matter how much Ubercaster messes up on us. I have to say, I’m really amazed with how much I have learned about this city in the past year. We also take a moment to get to some feedback that we’ve received from listeners.

Be sure to check out the ever changing website for RadioZoom. The “RZ Blog” has been added and will feature updates about the podcast. Also check out the “Episode Archive” to see a list of every episode of the podcast that is available.

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RZ to interview Sparta at their Vancouver appearance

Sparta (credit: Johnny Buzzerio)Sparta has confirmed with us to do an interview during their one night appearance at Richards on Richards in Vancouver, B.C. We’ll be taking the recording gear with us to meet the guys before they take the stage this weekend. Checking their MySpace page, the show appears to be sold out, but count on us being there.

It should be an exciting night, and we are looking forward to meeting the guys for a relaxed discussion about the band, the tour, and whatever the hell we want to talk about otherwise. Look for this episode to be published by early next week.

Be sure to thank Rebecca, the resident RadioZoom PR babe, for getting this hooked up.

Changes to the RZ website

I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking to the RadioZoom website lately. Those who surf in to check out the latest from the podcast might notice that, from time to time, the site was completely screwed up. It’s ok. I have everything under control… for the most part.

I’m not sure how useful this feature will be, but I am attempting to do more blogging on this site in addition to the published of audio and video content. This will be an effort to keep you informed about changes, ideas, and other tidbits regarding RadioZoom in the future.

Most importantly, this is a test of the newest area that I have created on the website, the RZ Blog. You can always add the same feed that you use to listen to my podcasts into your RSS reader of choice so that you get all of this information on a regular basis. Think of it as a great way to also keep tabs on when the next podcast is released.

I know it’s been over a week since the last podcast, but I’ve been hard at work with programming the site. It’s like my eyes have been opened up to the powers of PHP and WordPress, so I’m experimenting with making this more than a website for serving up podcasts and looking like a blog. Look for something yet this week, probably before this weekend.