RZ#109 – Matthew Good: Last night in Vancouver and a private performance


Matthew Good's home performance (Photo credit: Dan Lilly[Matthew Good invited us into his home for a private concert on the last night that he would be a resident of Vancouver. Rebecca was fortunate enough to not only get an invite, but Good asked her to live blog the event for the world. Only 20 fans were invited, some from the local area while others grabbed a flight to be there with barely 24 hours notice. This episode is our attempt to share more of that experience. If you are a fan or a listener of this podcast, I hope you understand why we did this episode and maybe learn a little more about Matthew Good.

All music featured in this episode by Matthew Good

  • while we were hunting rabbits
  • near fantastica (acoustic)
  • fated
  • prime time deliverance
  • strange days

68:08 minutes

RZ#108 – Hockey Talk: VancouverCanucksOpEd.com


A Skype interview with blogger Alanah Downie from Vancouver Canucks Op Ed, Rebecca and I find out more about the history of the blog, thoughts on the coming hockey season, and plenty about our favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks. It’s one of our daily stops for the latest news and discussions about the team, so having Alanah on the podcast was a lot of fun and a real treat. We hope it won’t be the last time.

This is another venture using Ubercaster, as well as the first Skype interview in the history of the podcast.

47:36 minutes

RZ#107 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: August 2006


For the month of August, the Six(plus one) Song is here for your listening pleasure. The day started off rough, and with no bandwidth to speak of until this afternoon, I felt like kicking out the jams and rocking out. The only real theme to today is that all of this music is played with direct, artist permission. Please check out the links to the artists and help them out with your support!

34:21 minutes

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A New Look to the Website

As some of you might have noticed, I have redesigned the site for RadioZoom.  Yes, once again.

I felt that it was time for a change, especially after the insitution of the new logo.  At the same time, I did my best to come up with something that makes the site different from your standard blog(WordPress) website.  I think things are more effective at promoting this site as a podcast.

The hope is to still have some sort of ability to post updates about the website through text form.  You’ll have to surf your way into this area of the site to get it, but rest assured that I’ll mirror any updates on the podcast.

If there are any problems with the site, please let me know!

RZ#106 – Take Two; Celebration of Light; Pride Week 2006; Vancouver Trivia


Long story short, technical issues caused us to completely record a second take. Short explanation, always check to see what your audio input is because it was something I overlooked. Rebecca and I chat “back at the studio” about the Celebration of Light and Pride Week 2006 in Vancouver, as well as play some audio that I captured from both of those events. Also check out the trivia at the end to find out what I know and don’t know about one of the greatest cities in the world. This is another episode that was completely recorded with Ubercaster.

Artist Links

49:06 minutes

RZ#105 – Adventures in Stanley Park


Some soundseeing, mobile recording, and messing around while Rebecca joins me for a bit of wandering through Stanley Park. We discuss a little bit of the history of the park, venture into some favorites spots of ours, and head into the bush to see what else there is off the trails. With no plans of where to go, we didn’t know what to expect or what we would come across. FYI, Stanley Park is 1,000 acres, and New York’s Central Park is 843.

Artist Links

52:56 minutes