RadioZoom#99 – Soundseeing at the 2006 NHL Draft in Vancouver

On another mobile adventure, Rebecca and I went to the 2006 NHL Draft at GM Place in downtown Vancouver. We did a lot of recording and did our best to share our experience through this episode. We got to the event a little late, only to get seats near the nose bleed section. We worked our way to the floor where we were in close proximity to some of the NHL’s decision makers, legends, coaches, and players. No music in this episode.

59:57 minutes

RadioZoom#98 – Canada’s Next Top Model; Corner Gas; Douglas Coupland; Hockey Talk; FIFA World Cup

Rebecca joins me in the studio for this slightly long but still under an hour episode, not that there is anything wrong with that. We had planned on doing this podcast together, but we didn’t count on being all hopped up on sugar after making a slurpee run. We take some time to chat about some interesting things happening in the world of Canadian books, television, and film, run through some hockey news other than just the Stanley Cup, and discuss the 2006 World Cup in Germany since we’re anxious to win her office pool.

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50:24 minutes

RadioZoom#97 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: June 2006

This Six Song Donut Spectacular focuses in on K Records, an influential, indie label from Olympia, Washington. I give my best shot at learning you on what the label is, how it was started, the major players being the label, and sample some of K Records’ library.

Artist Links

  • All Girl Summer Fun Band – canadian boyfriend
  • Heavenly – snail trail
  • Built To Spill – shortcut
  • Black Anger – feel what i feel
  • Calvin Johnson – can we kiss?
  • The Shinin’ – stereotypical

40:48 minutes

RadioZoom#96 – FIFA World Cup 2006 in Vancouver

An all World Cup episode with no preperation at all. I won’t claim to know anything about anyone in the tournament, but experiencing it in Vancouver is amazing. I captured some audio of people celebrating Korea’s win this morning from the balcony of the apartment. Otherwise, just some general discussion on what it’s like being in the international city that Vancouver is during such an international event.

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42:45 minutes

RadioZoom#95 – BC Ferries; Toronto Terrorism; Number Stations; Hockey Talk

NewsBits, numbers stations, and hockey, oh my! A gorgeous day in Vancouver, B.C., this episode takes a look at a couple of Canadian news items relating back to life on the west coast. I also make good on a promise I made on my blog about highlighting the phenomenon known as “number stations”. We’ll wrap up this episode with some brief HockeyTalk, followed by another installment of Learning Hockey.

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49:58 minutes