RZ#95 – BC Ferries; Toronto Terrorism; Number Stations; Hockey Talk

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NewsBits, numbers stations, and hockey, oh my! A gorgeous day in Vancouver, B.C., this episode takes a look at a couple of Canadian news items relating back to life on the west coast. I also make good on a promise I made on my blog about highlighting the phenomenon known as “number stations”. We’ll wrap up this episode with some brief HockeyTalk, followed by another installment of Learning Hockey.

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49:58 minutes


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2 Replies to “RZ#95 – BC Ferries; Toronto Terrorism; Number Stations; Hockey Talk”

  1. RE: Number Stations

    Many times while cruising for endless hours across the ocean or the empty stretches of the Middle East, I’ve ran across these stations on the aircraft HF radios. I’ve heard several languages and never understood the reason for the broadcast. I remember just letting it drone in the background of my headset once while orbiting northen Iraq back in 1991–only thing that would come up on the HF radio; we were in a bit a short-wave black hole.

    Big Bro

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