RZ#52 – The Vancouver Canucks; Zoom-in-Tech; Language Differences

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This episode had lots of ups and downs within its creation, but I’m not one to take something I made and not do something with it. This is going out a little later than what has been expected of me lately. I have no excuses other than just having other things in my life preoccupy my time. We start out with a little talk about the Vancouver Canucks, debut the first ever installment of Zoom In Tech, and finish up with listener email. As always, great music for you to check out, played with permission.

Zoom In Tech is a segment I will do from time to time about things in the world of technology that are important to me or that I just find cool. It’s a way for me to share information with you, but I am far from an expert. It’s just another passion that I have in my life.

Zoom In Tech Links:
MacMinute – Morgan Stanley expects Apple iPhone announcement
Spymac – Morgan Stanley expects iPhone in 2006
MacNN – HBO interested in deal with Apple
MacInTouch – Sonnet Technologies introduces the Encore/ST G4 Duet 1.7 GHz
Mac Rumors – Analysts Expect Intel Macs in January
AppleInsider – Apple to tackle consumer electronics; iPod “boombox” planned
ThinkSecret – 13.3-inch iBook
ThinkSecret – media-savvy Mac mini
eWeek.com – Intel’s Napa Wireless Platform Promises More with Less
MacWorld Conference & Expo

Other mentioned links for today:
Vancouver Canucks
Wikipedia: toque, tuque, beanie, canadian english
Podsafe Music Network

Today’s music selections:
The GoStation – wandering away
– Shiner – play dead (The Life and Times)
The Format – sore thumb
Less Than Jake – look what happened

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