RZ#47 – Adventures in Video; My Dad’s Surgery; Working in Canada

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There are a few bullet points that I make it a point to go over today. First off, a little bit about my video podcasting endeavor and what it is that I’m trying to do with it; “you don’t know until you try.” Second, just a little bit of personal info as my father goes into surgery for a tumor on one of his kidneys. Please keep him in your thoughts. That leads into the third part of today’s episode of a new and ongoing segment for the future, Working in Canada.

Why can’t I get listed in the iTunes Podcast Directory? Can I get some help here? My feed has already been submitted, and yet I see nothing.

Today’s music selections as played by permission:
Cedars – fleets
Lou Barlow – the ballad of daykitty
Grigor Iliev – winter story
Dick Prall – great admirer

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