RZ Video Podcast #4 – All Around the Lower Mainland

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Another experiment into video, this podcast is a collection of videos that I have made over the past few months with my digital camera. The quality of the video isn’t the most superb, but I am attempting to use what I have to create as much original content that I can. I’m also doing my best to show you more of Vancouver, BC through my Iowan eyes.

This video takes you through downtown Vancouver, shows what a snowy day in New Westminster and Surrey is like, driving through downtown, over the Pattullo Bridge, the Trans-Canadian Highway at night, over the Lions Gate Bridge in the dark, and ends in Coal Harbor during sunset.

Music used in this video podcast:

  • Vate – stravinsky (The RadioZoom Podcast theme music)
  • Vate – marimba
  • Grigor Iliev – winter story
  • Vate – patria / extranjero

10:59 minutes

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Show notes: https://johnbollwitt.com/radio/


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  1. It’s something I’ve been experimenting with since the ability was added to iTunes. What I really hope is that you liked how I utilized your music in this video podcast. I was really impressed how it turned out, but that’s just me having fun. :p

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