Vancouver Podcast Meetup: Feb. 25, 2007

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As a regular listener to the Canadian Podcast Buffet, I was excited to hear that Mark Blevis was coming out to Vancouver on a business trip and wanted to conduct a meetup with fellow podcasters. This will be happening at TC Lions Pub on February 25, 2007 at 8:00 PM, in downtown Vancouver. Mark asks that you RSVP for the event at

As I mentioned in my post about NorthernVoice, that is the same day as my first year anniversary, so I doubt I will be able to make it. We’ll probably be pretty sauced by then.

Update: Change of plans. Rebecca and I will be there.

RZ#127 – Amazing Hunt; Northern Voice; Vancouver Trivia; Olympics


There’s really a lot that we talked about in this episode, so much that we only threw three songs into this one. Rebecca gives a review of her Amazing Hunt experience, we cover a variety of things coming up, look ahead to NorthernVoice 2007, there’s a podcast meetup in Vancouver, and we round it out with Vancouver Trivia. There were a variety of technical issues in this as well, but I didn’t edit it out.

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RZ#126 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: February 2007


Not a whole lot of back story to this one other than the fact that I’m not feeling very well today, but not so much that I can’t put this six song out. It’s cool, rainy, and cloudy in Vancouver, so I went mellow for today’s theme.