RadioZoom#89 – Hornby Island Bald Eagles; Soundseeing: Williams Park, 9 O’clock Gun


I often carry around recording gear, so this is my first attempt at including smaller recordings that I make into the podcast. I tell you a little about the Eagle Cam and finish out the episode with the two soundseeing pieces. Williams Park in Langley, B.C. is a protect spawning ground for salmon and trout. You’ll also get to hang out with me and Rebecca at the 9 O’clock Gun in Stanley Park.

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RadioZoom#88 – CouchCast; Mates of State Show; Sun Run; Canada Line Construction; Hockey Talk


Rebecca joins me for another CouchCast. There is so much to cover that I truly needed her help on this one. We briefly review the Mates of State show we went to last Friday, discuss our experiences with the Vancouver Sun Run, talk about construction details and headaches about the Canada Line, and finish up with some Hockey Talk that, oddly enough, includes huge news about the Canucks. This is a long one, but we also tossed in some music to break things up a little.

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RadioZoom#87 – CouchCast w/ Rebecca the Sick Girl


Recorded via minidisc, I sat down with Rebecca on our couch last night to chat a lot about lots of random topics.  Most of them relate back to Vancouver, but we cover some other things as well.  We talked about a lot, hockey being the main topic I wanted to have her on the podcast for.  I hope I have all the links to cover the information that we shared, but that’s also what Google is for, eh?

We’re off to the Mates of State show tonight in Vancouver, so I play two cuts by them as well.

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RadioZoom#86 – Tornados In Iowa City


The longest episode of RadioZoom yet, I take a look at the tornados that tore up the downtown area of Iowa City. I used to live and work in this city. Paul Flahive is a former co-worker of mine who sent me audio from some of the recordings he captured for use in the weekend program. I run some of those pieces as well as some raw audio that he sent along as well.

Thanks also goes out to David Henderson, an intern at WSUI who collaborated with Paul in the collection of this audio.

56:35 minutes

RadioZoom#85 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: April 2006


This Six Song Donut Spectacular comes to you for the first time on a set, regular basis. On the 15th of every month, I’ll bring you six songs in a single epsiode, doing my best to cut down on the chit-chat and talk strictly music. I’ll tell you what I know about the artists and give you more resources to find out about them.

This episode is an examination of the Asian Man Records library of bands, selecting six that were passed on to me by The Reverend Don Deeley and the Podsafe Music Network.

39:23 minutes

RadioZoom#84 – Winging It; BC Ferries Update; McMynn Kidnapping; Hockey Talk; Learning Hockey


Sorta just started recording this one with only a few notes prepared. I find that allows you to just ramble on when you’re not paying attention. We discuss some current events in the Vancouver area, talk about the Canucks in the Hockey Talk portion, and discover what the rule of “icing” is about in Learning Hockey w/ Uncle John. Towards the end, I also detail my plan about an ongoing idea/feature that I will create for the podcast from now on.

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RadioZoom#83 – Coming Back From The Okanagan; The Coquihalla; Hockey Talk; Sasquatch and Ogopoogo


Minidisc and microphone packed along for the trip, Rebecca and I take some time to review our trip to the Okanagan, things we did during our stay, and the route we drove to get there. There’s quite a bit you can do in the Okanagan, but we went for the wine tours. Since it’s been a while that Rebecca has been on the podcast, we also took some time for hockey talk. We also chat about some of the supernatural legends in B.C and some of the other areas in the interior.

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32:57 minutes

RadioZoom#82 – Been a Little Busy; Going On a Trip; Hockey Talk


Life is unscripted, and so is this. We’ll chat a little about me loaning my talents out for free and how that is keeping me busy while I wait for paperwork to go through with the government. Rebecca and I are off on a trip into the interior tomorrow, the Okanagan being our destination. Wrap up this episode with hockey talk about the Canucks and the rough road to the playoffs.

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Upgrading to PodPress 4.4

If you are wondering where some of the previous episodes have gone to, then sit tight. I am in the process of getting everything back to normal after upgrading the PodPress plugin to the site. I hope to get all the older episodes added back in over the next few days.

My apologies, and please check back soon.


Edit: (7:52AM PT, April 5, 2006)  I made an error in the upgrade process with the RSS through PodPress, causing my feed to not work or be seen.  This situation should be resolved.  If you are still having problems, please let me know

RadioZoom#81 – More BC Ferries News; Part 3 of Sun Article on Podcasting; Thoughts on Daily Breakfast’s April Fool’s Joke


A lengthy episode on the ongoing investigation of the sinking of the Queen of the North passenger ferry, covering the last article of a three part series on podcasting in the Vancouver Sun, and thoughts about the fallout of Father Roderick’s April Fool’s joke on his Daily Breakfast podcast.

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