RZ#150 – Interview with Chris of Less Than Jake


*This episode contains some explicit language, listener discretion is advised*

This afternoon I headed out to the Commodore (with Raul in tow) to interview one of my all-time favourite bands. Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake was great to talk to and we’re really looking forward to the show tonight.

Chris Demakes of Less Than Jake
Miss604 and Chris of Less Than Jake

Tickets are still on sale but they’re going fast. As this is a quick episode, you have time to listen to the conversation, the tunes, and still make your way down to the Commodore for the show as Less Than Jake takes the stage around 11:15pm.

  • Look What Happened – from the Album Anthem
  • Less Than Jake
  • Sleep it Off Records
  • John’s photo set
  • Special thanks go to Tris for lending me his audio recorder for this episode (although my mic levels are all over the place). Our mobile podcasting gear is still missing/nowhere to be found so we’re making due right now and getting by thanks to the generous social media community in Vancouver.

    RZ#149 – Interview with Zipcar


    In preparation for my campaign on National Digital Media Day (September 25th) I have been planning a campaign that would take me mobile. Thanks to Zipcar, I will be able to travel across the region, blogging at every stop. I decided to interview John MacSween of Zipcar to discover more about their services.

    You can follow along on the 25th on my website, with all posts tagged: NDMD08.

    The super special Miss604 referral link for Zipcar will be published on every blog post I write on September 25th so stay tuned.

    RZ#148 – Hanson at the Commodore in Vancouver


    Trying my hand at podcast producing yet again, we go mobile for this special episode. Yesterday Keira and I met up with Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson before their show in Vancouver. We learned about The Walk, what they’ve been up to in the 8 years they’ve been away from our city, and most of all that these grown men truly do have talent and a whole lot of heart.

    Music in this episode:

    My official article has been posted on E!Online. You can also check out Keira’s wrap up blog post, including her photos, as along with my recap blog post. Big shout out to Dave as well for lending me his M-Audio since our mobile gear has gone missing.

    RZ#147 – Voter Media For the People


    I sat down in a local coffee shop, opened up my MacBook (since our mobile gear is missing), and had a chat with Mark Latham of Voter Media and the Vancouver Election Blog Contest.

    Mark explains a bit about his background, his passion, and his motivation for initiating Voter Media.

    Here are all of the blogs currently listed in the weekly contest:

  • The Tyee
  • State of Vancouver by Frances Bula
  • David Eby
  • Hummingbird604.com
  • The Vancouver Observer
  • Vancity Buzz
  • In Support of Public Education
  • Price Tags*
  • Left eye on Vancouver
  • Paul Hillsdon
  • Stephen Rees
  • The Vancouver Manifesto
  • ursa minor: bear604
  • Bill Tieleman
  • Walter Schultz
  • Miss 604
  • Also mentioned is the UBC campaign, the UBC Insiders blog, and Sean Orr of Beyond Robson.

    You can also keep up to date on Voter Media through Mark’s blog.

    RZ#146 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: May 2008


    John is back for a super special Six Song with a theme. In fact it’s so special, there are actually seven songs for your listening pleasure.

    • Dandy Warhols – Mohammed, Nietzche
    • Local H – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rock, 500,000 Scovilles, What Can I Tell You
    • Less Than Jake – Motto, History of a Boring Town

    And yes, I produced this episode hence the many many seconds of non-speaking at the beginning. But hey, I don’t claim to be a radio professional by any means eh. Thank goodness for podcasting.

    RZ#145 – New Music West Interview and Preview


    For the last 18 years the New Music West festival has been a centerpiece for independent music, musicians, and industry professionals in Vancouver.

    I was able to contact Jory Groberman from 29 Productions (the folks who made New Music West possible for the last few years) and chat a bit about what’s in store. What’s also pretty cool is that they’re handing me a media pass for the event(s) so watch for more announcements and coverage in the month ahead.

    RZ#144 – Girl on Girl on Ferry


    I (Rebecca) take the helm of Episode #144 as I capture, edit and publish the audio I recorded with Keira-Anne a few weeks ago during a weekend jaunt to Vancouver Island. We put the call out on our blogs for questions – any questions and were very pleased with the overwhelming response. [Keira-Anne][Miss604]

    Photo by: Keira-Anne on Flickr

    This is actually part one and we’re uncertain when the raw, uncut “part two” will be released. So for now, enjoy the sounds of a BC Ferry, and two girls who are super excited to hit the powder up on Mt. Washington.

    Tunes played with permission from the artists:

    RZ#142 – August Long Weekend in Osoyoos


    This is some audio that we recorded last August after spending a weekend in Osoyoos, B.C. This audio has been sitting around for nearly six months, and I finally got around to editing it. There’s more where this came from, so look for more in the future.

    There is still music in this one, as does every episode of RZ.

    Other links of interest.

    RZ#141 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: October 2007


    It’s good to get back in the saddle. This is one of three, “catch up” episodes to back fill on those six songs that have been missed. Consider it my Christmas present to you. Watch for a quick turn around on the next two episodes, bringing us up to date and a close for 2007 for the six songs on RZ.