RZ#131 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: April 2007

Better late than never, here is the six song for this month. Life has been hectic and busy, but we’ll be back with more very soon. Also, I recalled incorrectly about the name of Matthew Good’s upcoming album, but you can read Rebecca’s blog post about it here to get more info. In the meantime, enjoy the tunes and rock out with me. Yeah!

RZ #130 – Sparta at The Commodore; Interview with Keeley Davis

Sparta @ The CommodoreMan do we ever love a good rock show. When I heard Sparta was coming back into town I immediately arranged another interview. Not only are we huge fans, but the guys in the band are so talented and down to earth. A couple of weeks later, the band rolled through town and played none other than the Fabulous Commodore Ballroom here in Vancouver. Jim Ward, subject of our last interview, was under the weather but when we went back stage and saw Keeley and were not disappointed. It was great to talk to the latest member of the band, contributor on their new album Threes, hear about his side projects and impressions of our fair city.