RZ#113 – Hockey Talk: Canucks Hockey Blog (canuckshockey.blogspot.com)

A Skype interview with blogger J.J. Guerrero from the Canucks Hockey Blog, Rebecca and I learn more about the guy behind the blog, why he loves the Vancouver Canucks, and gather some insights about the team. The other interesting thing to note about J.J. is that he worked at GM Place for about nine years as an usher. He has a lot of knowledge about the team other that just loving the guys like we do. We don’t spend a lot of time setting up the episode because it really speaks for itself. If you dig hockey, then you’ll really enjoy this one.

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RZ#112 – Slurpees; Birthday Weekend; Canucks Hockey Talk; Vancouver Trivia; MySpace; Weird Al; Miss604 In Print

Back to the studio, Rebecca joins me for an episode that we are squeezing in before a busy weekend starts for the both of us. My birthday is coming up on Sunday, and we’ll be attending the Canucks game againt Anaheim in celebration. We get into a variety of topics, including Vancouver Trivia as my one year anniversary in Vancouver is quickly approaching.

As you will learn in this episode, we were crunched for time as we were getting ready to see Snow Patrol in concert a few hours after recording this. Check back to these show notes in case I forgot to add something at the time of posting this. I’ll do my best to update later if I have.

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RZ#111 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: September 2006; Farewell to WOXY.com

WOXY.com ends a long running history of being one of the best sources for alternative, independent music today. In this six song(plus two), I pay my respects to one of the greatest radio stations, terrestrial and internet-only, to have ever existed. All songs in this episode were artists that I discovered through WOXY, tracked down, and received permission from.

Today marks another page in rock and roll history. Septmber 15, 2006 will forever be the day that the music stopped, for good, from WOXY.com. Even if it begins again, it will never be the same as it ever was.

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RZ#110 – Vandigicam Flickr Group: Portrait Throw Down Meetup

Photo Credit: Rebecca[flickr:miss604]I was invited to join the Vandigicam Flickr Group on their “Portrait Throw Down III” meetup that gathered in English Bay on August 30, 2006. Vancouver photographer, Rachael Ashe, contacted me with the idea that this event that she was leading would make for interesting podcast material. The location and people apart of the group were an excellent setting for documenting what a Vandigicam gathering is like. Rebecca joined me but participated in the photo-festivities while I ran around with a microphone. Yet another adventure into the people that make up Vancouver, and here is a portion of those people who share a passion for getting behind the lense.

I would love to have linked to everyone’s Flickr accounts that I met at the meetup. Gladly and unfortunately, there were just way too many people to recall nor would it be fair to list the few people I do recall while forgetting the rest. If you were there, feel free to post a comment with a link to your photos. Regardless, it was great meeting everyone!

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