RadioZoom#94 – Ferry From Sunshine Coast; CouchCast; Vancouver Running Events Recap; Hockey Talk


A packed epsiode that started on the Queen of Coquitlam ferry as we made our way back to Vancouver from the Sunshine Coast. I did some brief soundseeing on the ferry as we came into Horseshoe Bay on that Saturday, but Rebecca and I didn’t finish this episode until Tuesday where we recap the running events we participated in over the weekend. We finish with some Hockey Talk about the Stanley Cup and Memorial Cup.

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50:43 minutes

RadioZoom#93 – Run B.C.; Podcasting Thoughts; Listener Email


In this totally unprepared episode, I let you in on the fact that I’ve been going through some “podcasting block”. It might be the summer time creeping in and not wanting to do anything, but I’m back with another edition this week. I also take a look at all of the various running events going on in and around Vancouver, clarify my throughts on a blog post I made about podcasting this week, and finally get to some listener email.

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45:34 minutes

RadioZoom#92 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: May 2006


British Columbia is the focus of this six song episode.  Keeping up with my promise of putting out a music filled edition of RadioZoom around the 15th of every month, I did my best to bring you artists from the Vancouver, B.C. area.  Suggestions and submissions for future episodes are always welcome.  Selections for today’s six song come from the Podsafe Music Network.

40:57 minutes 

RZ Video Podcast #7 – Downtown Vancouver; Granville Street; Lighting of the Inukshuk

A collection of vids that I’ve made with my digital camera, here is another video podcast for your enjoyment.  I even make a little appearance in this episode to further explain what’s going on.

All music used in this video podcast was created by Vate.  Please visit his website for more information about him and his music.

8:32 minutes 

RadioZoom#91 – Cinco De Mayo; Walking Around Vancouver & Soundseeing


Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I took my minidisc with me while I ventured around the city in the pursuit of my immigration paperwork. The adventure ended up taking more time than I expected, so you come along with me while I walk into the heart of downtown Vancouver to meet up with Rebecca after work. I also got some music into this mobile, a rare occurance in such previous episodes.

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42:02 minutes

RadioZoom#90 – NewsBits; Canada Line; Vancouver Olympic Village


A major Vancouver episode. All artists are from B.C., we’ll cover news pertaining to B.C., go over some of the details to the creation of the new Canada Line, and explore the development of the olympic village for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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51:57 minutes