RadioZoom#94 – Ferry From Sunshine Coast; CouchCast; Vancouver Running Events Recap; Hockey Talk

A packed epsiode that started on the Queen of Coquitlam ferry as we made our way back to Vancouver from the Sunshine Coast. I did some brief soundseeing on the ferry as we came into Horseshoe Bay on that Saturday, but Rebecca and I didn’t finish this episode until Tuesday where we recap the running events we participated in over the weekend. We finish with some Hockey Talk about the Stanley Cup and Memorial Cup.

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50:43 minutes

RadioZoom#91 – Cinco De Mayo; Walking Around Vancouver & Soundseeing

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I took my minidisc with me while I ventured around the city in the pursuit of my immigration paperwork. The adventure ended up taking more time than I expected, so you come along with me while I walk into the heart of downtown Vancouver to meet up with Rebecca after work. I also got some music into this mobile, a rare occurance in such previous episodes.

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42:02 minutes

RadioZoom#89 – Hornby Island Bald Eagles; Soundseeing: Williams Park, 9 O’clock Gun

I often carry around recording gear, so this is my first attempt at including smaller recordings that I make into the podcast. I tell you a little about the Eagle Cam and finish out the episode with the two soundseeing pieces. Williams Park in Langley, B.C. is a protect spawning ground for salmon and trout. You’ll also get to hang out with me and Rebecca at the 9 O’clock Gun in Stanley Park.

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49:07 minutes 

RadioZoom#75 – Soundseeing in the West End; Bus to Downtown; Robson Street

Running an errand for a friend, I brought the minidisc with me while buying gourmet cupcakes for Laura’s mom’s birthday. Cupcakes on Denman St. is a pretty neat place, and I recommend getting some goodies from there if you have some cash to spare. From there, I hop a bus to give you a sample what that type of experience is like. We’ll do a little walking around downtown before I head back up to Robson Street to finish this recording. Forgive my addictions, but I had to duck into Blenz for a chai latte as well.

Music used in this episode:

  • Vate – por debajo del agua

36:41 minutes

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RadioZoom#74 – Soundseeing around Stanley Park; Pictures in the Show Notes

The experiments continue as I take a short journey into Stanley Park for some soundseeing. We start out in the west end of Vancouver, down to English Bay Beach, head over to Second Beach, take some trails into the park, and end at Lost Lagoon. I have included the pictures you can hear me taking through out the episode here in the show notes.


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49:05 minutes

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RadioZoom#64 – Podcasting Supporting Music; Canada Election Outcome; Voting Soundseeing

Post Canadian Election Day episode! This episode boasts more than just some info about the election and my thoughts about it. I took the MiniDisc around and captured something of the sounds of the city on election day as well as sounds at one of the polling stations. I also take a moment to highlight some thoughts about podcasting supporting music artists.

Links and name drops: – “Podcasting: The Best Way to Support an Artist
CBC: Canada Votes

Music artists for this episode:
Troubled Hubble – ear, nose, & throat
Comeg – 24
Lou Barlow – monkey begun

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42:19 minutes

RadioZoom#57 – Soundseeing of Christmas Shopping in Vancouver

Another podcast, another experiment in being mobile. This time I take you with me as I do some Christmas shopping in downtown Vancouver. I’m getting better at being a soundseeing tour guiding, but not much. I’m just trying to do something new, different, and creative with my podcasts.

As a side note, I must apologize for this coming out later than it should. The holidays were a set back, but now I’m just getting over a flu bug that has pass through Rebecca’s family. I was bound to get it, and it has not been fun. I edited this all together today just to do something creative and feel normal.

All music in this episode come from mexican electronic music artist, Vate. Please click on the link and visit the website for more information.

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34:46 minutes

RadioZoom#53 – Robson Street Soundseeing

This was my first experience ever doing anything mobile. I have a not so great lapel mic and a portable minidisc recorder. I was on the way to meet Rebecca and some friends for a movie, so I recorded the sounds of walking from the apartment to the movie theatre. I do some talking a long the way but have lots to learn about being a good tour guide. I hope you enjoy the sounds of Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. Oh yeah, and I know I called it “The Secrets of Narnia”, so please forgive my error. It’s the “Chronicles of Narnia.”

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17:23 minutes