RZ#126 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: February 2007

Not a whole lot of back story to this one other than the fact that I’m not feeling very well today, but not so much that I can’t put this six song out. It’s cool, rainy, and cloudy in Vancouver, so I went mellow for today’s theme.

RZ#124 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: January 2007

All ska, but not all the time. That’s right. Six tracks of music thought dead, but I beg to differ. I actually put a bit more commentary into this episode. Never knew I could talk that much about ska music, but that’s just the way it is. All tracks come to you via the Podsafe Music Network.

Artist links:

43:08 minutes

RZ#122 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: December 2006

This is getting out a little later than normal, but I’m blaming the holidays on that one. However, the theme for this installment is in regards to a blog post that I made regarding music at Vancouver Canucks games. It’s gathered some attention from people who are actual hockey DJ’s from various parts of the sport. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and explored the Podsafe Music Network this morning to quickly find some potential new blood for venues around North America.

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52:39 minutes

RZ#119 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: November 2006

Rain and electronic music almost seem to go hand in hand. Here is the six song from this month. A sampling of some electronic music that I enjoy, giving you more of a taste of the various types of music that I enjoy. The weather might be a little awful today, but I assure you that the music is good. Some thanks goes to the Podsafe Music Network for allowing me to find some of these selections and play them for you.

44:55 minutes

RZ#115 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: October 2006; Miss 604 Take Over

I am no longer a podcast virgin. I took over all aspects of RadioZoom for Episode #115 as John sat in the wings, being a very gracious co-host, podcast mentor and trainer.

The focus was on the Boston-based band Aberdeen City since I’ve been invited to interview them [miss604] before their show here in Vancouver on Tuesday October 17th. I then selected pod safe artists (from music.podshow.com) who all hail from Boston, MA to keep with a bit of a theme and tribute to my old stomping grounds.

I hope you enjoy and PLEASE leave us some feedback; comments, concerns, rants, raves.

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35:16 minutes

RZ#111 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: September 2006; Farewell to WOXY.com

WOXY.com ends a long running history of being one of the best sources for alternative, independent music today. In this six song(plus two), I pay my respects to one of the greatest radio stations, terrestrial and internet-only, to have ever existed. All songs in this episode were artists that I discovered through WOXY, tracked down, and received permission from.

Today marks another page in rock and roll history. Septmber 15, 2006 will forever be the day that the music stopped, for good, from WOXY.com. Even if it begins again, it will never be the same as it ever was.

Artist links:

56:00 minutes

RZ#107 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: August 2006

For the month of August, the Six(plus one) Song is here for your listening pleasure. The day started off rough, and with no bandwidth to speak of until this afternoon, I felt like kicking out the jams and rocking out. The only real theme to today is that all of this music is played with direct, artist permission. Please check out the links to the artists and help them out with your support!

34:21 minutes

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RZ#101 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: July 2006

An all artist submission episode of the Six Song Donut Spectactular! People often email me with suggestions and submissions for songs to be played on the podcast, so this episode makes up for lost ground.

41:46 minutes

RadioZoom#97 – Six Song Donut Spectactular: June 2006

This Six Song Donut Spectacular focuses in on K Records, an influential, indie label from Olympia, Washington. I give my best shot at learning you on what the label is, how it was started, the major players being the label, and sample some of K Records’ library.

Artist Links

  • All Girl Summer Fun Band – canadian boyfriend
  • Heavenly – snail trail
  • Built To Spill – shortcut
  • Black Anger – feel what i feel
  • Calvin Johnson – can we kiss?
  • The Shinin’ – stereotypical

40:48 minutes

RadioZoom#92 – Six Song Donut Spectacular: May 2006

British Columbia is the focus of this six song episode.  Keeping up with my promise of putting out a music filled edition of RadioZoom around the 15th of every month, I did my best to bring you artists from the Vancouver, B.C. area.  Suggestions and submissions for future episodes are always welcome.  Selections for today’s six song come from the Podsafe Music Network.

40:57 minutes