RZ#147 – Voter Media For the People


I sat down in a local coffee shop, opened up my MacBook (since our mobile gear is missing), and had a chat with Mark Latham of Voter Media and the Vancouver Election Blog Contest.

Mark explains a bit about his background, his passion, and his motivation for initiating Voter Media.

Here are all of the blogs currently listed in the weekly contest:

  • The Tyee
  • State of Vancouver by Frances Bula
  • David Eby
  • Hummingbird604.com
  • The Vancouver Observer
  • Vancity Buzz
  • In Support of Public Education
  • Price Tags*
  • Left eye on Vancouver
  • Paul Hillsdon
  • Stephen Rees
  • The Vancouver Manifesto
  • ursa minor: bear604
  • Bill Tieleman
  • Walter Schultz
  • Miss 604
  • Also mentioned is the UBC campaign, the UBC Insiders blog, and Sean Orr of Beyond Robson.

    You can also keep up to date on Voter Media through Mark’s blog.


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    1. Great interview, and it was great to have Mark actually interview you, Rebecca. I’m also glad that Mark is on Twitter now 🙂 As a social scientist myself, his work and mine are very similar in many ways. Wonderful stuff!

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