RadioZoom#75 – Soundseeing in the West End; Bus to Downtown; Robson Street


Running an errand for a friend, I brought the minidisc with me while buying gourmet cupcakes for Laura’s mom’s birthday. Cupcakes on Denman St. is a pretty neat place, and I recommend getting some goodies from there if you have some cash to spare. From there, I hop a bus to give you a sample what that type of experience is like. We’ll do a little walking around downtown before I head back up to Robson Street to finish this recording. Forgive my addictions, but I had to duck into Blenz for a chai latte as well.

Music used in this episode:

  • Vate – por debajo del agua

36:41 minutes

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  1. I can’t believe you got lost on the way to the Cupcake store, silly! Denman turns into Beach Ave. after the curve. I can’t believe you used the word “scrumptious”! No wonder you’re my mother’s new favourite person. Thank you so much for running that errand for me. Disappointing a mommy on her birthday isn’t acceptable.
    FYI – there’s a bus stop right outside the cupcake store and the “depot” is right around the corner on Davie.

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