RadioZoom#71 – Podcasting for Kids; Hockey and the Olympics; MIA For a Bit

GarageBand 3 appears to be so simple to use that even my nephew and niece can make their own podcast. I share a little bit of what showed up in my email last night. Amazing what kids can do these days. We’ll also dive into the olympics a little bit to talk about hockey, plus the other events of the games that I’m enjoying.

Since Rebecca and I are getting married very soon, I cannot promise anything in terms of episodes for the next few weeks. I take a moment to share what you can expect from me once the festivities simmer down a little bit.

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43:15 minutes

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2 thoughts on “RadioZoom#71 – Podcasting for Kids; Hockey and the Olympics; MIA For a Bit”

  1. Actually, that’s the flag for my home state of Iowa. It does look like the mexican flag though.

    I’m actually wanting to get a new logo, but I haven’t found the time to design one, nor someone to make something for me. :p I’m too picky, but not talented enough.

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