RadioZoom #044 – 11.15.2005


Today’s episode features a couple of plugs for other, Vancouver podcasts. I invite you to check out Dave Olsen’s Canucks Outsider podcast, especially if you are a Canucks hockey fan. Then a plug for the alt.cast, as Chris played a song from the Podsafe Music Network that I could just not resist.

I also take a look at the Sony BMG issue regarding their DRM root kit debacle. Here are the links that I mentioned:
ZDNet UK: “Sony offers to replace rootkit CDs”
Times Online (UK): “Sony drops anti-piracy tool that lets in hackers” “CD’s affected by the Sony-BMG spyware”

I also take a moment to do an update of how things have changed now that I live in Vancouver. I hope to make this an ongoing segment that I revisit from time to time. This isn’t just a whole new city for me, but it’s also a whole new country.

The music:
The Appleseed Cast – hello dearest love
Tapes N’ Tapes – insistor
Cagey House – 1000+
46bliss – the way you are

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39:40 minutes